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These Organizations Contributed to and Enhanced our Adventure

We Thank Them

We went to Eric Grandstaff at the college during the early stages of planning our adventure. He was instrumental in directing us to the technical people who could launch our website. North Central Michigan College pioneered local access to the Internet and is responsible for this area of Michigan being so well connected. We want to thank N.C.M.C. for donating the space for our website.
Microsoft has been of great help to us. The software they provided, including Front Page, is helping us build this site. Office 97 is a major addition to their complement of programs. Encarta and Atlas, as well as Streets Plus and Trip Planner, have provided immediate access to information. We cannot thank them enough for all they have provided.
This innovative and creative web publishing company is the best. Shawn and Donna started our website and taught us how to keep hammering. They can bring your internet presence to life and make your site a sure hit.
This is one of the highlights of our trip. Dodger Productions provided center-aisle, fifth-row seats, and the cast provided a night of entertainment we won't forget. The scenery was amazing!
A recent contributor. We appreciate their support. It is not easy to pull over to a pay phone in a 34-oot motorhome. The cellular service works great! We have the comfort of being a phone call away from friends and loved ones.
Now celebrating its 77th year, Knott's Berry Farm is America's first theme park. This is a family park with a great atmosphere, rides, and shows. Located about 30 minutes south of downtown L.A., we were lucky to spend a day.
We started our ocean education at this aquarium in New Orleans. It is featured on our New Orleans page. Check out its website for an opportunity to visit this amazing place.
This is going on the must see list! When we are able to visit a world-class facility like this aquarium, our dreams for this adventure are realized. It was an extremely rewarding experience.
We spent a full day at this great amusement park/zoo in Tampa, Florida. The zoo has 3,000 animals and we had tons of fun on the amusement rides!
Six Flags and Magic Mountain treated us to a day of thrills and adventure. Six Flags has a state of the art website. Magic Mountain is one of the best parks in the country.
While in Gloucester, Mass., we went whale watching, compliments of Seven Seas Line. It was a"whale" of an experience. We saw 30-40 whales and learned a lot about each species ... plus we had a great boat ride!
What a great historical and educational place to visit. Make a day of it as you step back in time and visit with "real" pilgrims. Ask them about their experiences during their settlement of Plimouth. We thank them for the opportunity to spend the day, and hope you take the time to explore their site.
Without free passes provided by the hall, we would have missed rockin' through music history.
The GLSC is one of our favorite museums so far. In addition to giving us free passes, the staff gave us a tour and let us connect to the Internet, along with showing us their technology. They showed us a great time.
We drove fifty miles north along the windy 101 from Florence, Oregon, to Newport in order to see Keiko the killer whale. We discovered much more. This was a five star experience. A special note: we want to thank Alicia Andriese and Cherie Whittington for using their personal passes to make it possible for us to visit the aquarium.
We spent a perfect day in this desert setting where so many great westerns have been filmed. Old Tucson Studios suffered a devastating fire in April, 1995, and it recently re-opened. If our experience is any indication, it is a fun and relaxing place to enjoy movie history.
We received delightful hospitality from this museum along with free passes. They gave us a personal tour and we had a good time with Wyeth and Homer!
In Gloucester, Massachusetts -- we met neat people who provided us access to the Internet. They were super, and we appreciated their interest in our project and their commitment to bringing more people on line. They were doing a super job of giving people the knowledge and practical experience necessary to cruise the Net.
One of Mark's favorites -- the first presidential library we visited and Mark could have spent more time there. It was a step back in history to a very complicated time of cold war, new and terrible technology, racial conflicts, a thing called Camelot, and the beginning of the television era of modern politics.
This Denver-based Internet cafe is a prototype operation. The people are friendly, knowledgeable, and fun. We had some major problems with our website and they gave the necessary air time to get it fixed. We enjoyed delicious beverages and great conversation. We want to say a special thanks to Joe and Al.
Located on the campus of Montana State University at Bozeman, MT, this museum treated us to a day of dinosaur discovery. We were given a special tour of the new T-Rex exhibit which was not quite ready to open when we were there. This was another facility that greeted our project with open arms. We appreciated the hospitality.
We sent letters to several corporations before we left on our journey. Kodak was one of the first to repond with a discount on its DC 20 digital camera. We have used the camera extensively, and many of the pictures on this site were taken with it. We are very happy with the camera.
This campground located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, provided us with three nights of camping. Better than that, the owner's roots are in the area, and he provided the insider's suggestion of must-see places. On his suggestion we stayed an extra day and witnessed a late night ceremonial dance at a local pueblo. We were very lucky.
This is a beautiful campground a short distance from Gloucester and this stunning and historical area. We thank them for allowing us to camp for the night.
This museum is magnificent. We visited here early in our trip and spent an enjoyable and educational afternoon. The complex of cultural activities in the Cleveland area is impressive. Visit if you get a chance.
While in Gloucester, we enjoyed a tour of a 1920s fishing shooner. We learned a lot from the tour and had a good time.

Special Thanks:

Seeing New York City would have been almost impossible for us if it weren't for these two. They afforded us water and electricity as well as a campsite in their driveway for almost two weeks. They even took us out to the best dinner we had since leaving home! We thank them directly from our hearts.
Pierre spent the better part of an hour trying everything he could think of to help us connect to the Internet from the YMCA. He took a lot of time out of his evening to help us and he deserves thanks.



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