Hi, I'm the Bud Man...

Here I am at the campsite in Acadia, Maine. My first big job on the trip. I guarded that campground with my life! I was constantly moving 'cause of all the land I had to cover in the park. Of course nothing happened to the family, I'm the fiercest guard dog ever! Good lookin' too.
Here's a pretty picture. Look at those buffed muscles and powerful jaw . . . The ears listening intently for the sound of a criminal or falling treat . . . The eyes darting around searching the room . . . My powerful sniffer checking out everything from here to Timbuktu. No applause, please.
Look at that hole. Aside from being an awesome guard dog, I can landscape with the best of 'em! I dug this beaut at Ed Walline Park in the Florida panhandle. I was a little angry 'cause the family wouldn't let me lie on the beach blanket, so I threw some of the sand right on them. Right now I'm doing my best 'oh pleeeeease' expression hoping they'll either give me a treat or let me on that blanket! Pretty much the routine my days follow.
I've been having dreams lately, it's a recurring dream, my real house and three couches to choose from, you can see my favorite spot here. I could see everything from this vantage point, especially someone making their way to the kitchen. Wait for me...
This was a crowning achievement, guard dog in four states at one time! Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah, there's only one dog for this job... BUD MAN, da da da da da da da da da, BUD MAN.
Someone made the rule about no dogs in the RV. I knew they couldn't resist my charm. Here I am in my rightful place. The motorhome is mine! Okay, so they left the door open one morning and I snuck in, but the precedent has been set. I will be back!
budwest.jpg (5334 bytes) The Essence of the West! I passed Rin Tin Tin with this pose...I am the ultimate western dog. Am I handsome or am I handsome? This photo's going in my portfolio to show the Hollywood agents, I hear Westerns are making a comeback. Just gotta make sure there's no cactus where they film the movie, those things are worse than salt water.
I roll everywhere, but snow is my favorite. This takes me back to my roots in Northern Michigan. I just can't get enough of it. Every time out of the van the first thing I do is stop, drop, and roll! I can't believe you humans put on all those clothes just to play in the snow.
After impressing the girl dogs one morning with my athletic abilities, I paused to refresh.
Here I am in Eugene, OR. I hear talk about leaving me behind while they travel to Hawaii. It can't be true, they couldn't make it a day without the Bud Man.
We went visiting one day in Seattle, I met a nice guy and a friendly canine. I never saw it coming. They were boarding me out. The rumors were true. Humans just ain't fair sometimes. I take care of them for thousands of miles, sacrifice myself, and then get left behind? I was devastated.

There I was, stranded, alone in Seattle. I was desperate and depressed. You know that movie Lassie where the hero finds her way back to Timmy. My dog paddle is good, I can really swim. But Hawaii?
My caretakers recognized the unfairness of it all and I was given the run of the house. These people were pretty nice.
I knew they had to come back for the motorhome. Just wait, somebody is going to lose a shoe. I won't forget this humiliation soon...

They came back about a month later. I won't admit it to them but I had a pretty nice time. Only thing is I missed them like crazy. It was great to stay in one place for a while. I had to give them a hard time just so they wouldn't try a knuckle-brained scheme like this again.

...The rest of the trip went fine. I assumed my role as guardian of the family. We traveled home through mountains, glaciers, and plains. My adventure took all the courage I could muster. At times it was lonely but I grew from the experience. What other dog has been clear around the country? Even that Charlie dog Steinbeck took with him couldn't match my experiences.

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